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Meeting to discuss downy mildew problems on column stocks – Wednesday 20th June 2018

A meeting has been arranged at Phil Collison’s Nursery (J A Collison & Son, Tuxhill Nursery, Hay Green, Terrington St Clement, Kings Lynn, Norfolk, PE34 4PX) this Wednesday the 20th of June at 6PM to discuss the issues that growers have experienced this year with downy mildew control on column stocks.  The meeting will cover […]

Week 22 (2018) Update

At last the weather fell right to get the larkspur herbicide trial underway.   Herbicide trials are always difficult because we have to have 3 or 4 days on the trot of the ideal weather conditions in order to work down the land, then get ADAS over to apply the pre drilling treatments, sow the […]


Over that past couple of weeks there has been a serious issue with downy mildew in column stocks. The problem was first seen in Holland a month or two ago and led to some crops being unmarketable. At the moment very little detail is known about the biology of this particular strain of downy mildew, […]

EVENT ALERT – AHDB Greenhouse Technologies, Automation and Robotics Study Tour

AHDB Greenhouse Technologies, Automation and Robotics Study Tour 12-14 June 2018 RAI Amsterdam, Wageningen University and local grower, The Netherlands Join us for a three day study tour aimed at protected edible, soft fruit and ornamentals businesses, focusing on the very latest in greenhouse technologies, automation and robotics in production, harvesting and dispatch. This study […]

Week 21 (2018) Update

Its been a quiet week at the CFC this week but everything is growing away well in this glorious May weather.  However it would be god if the wind would stop blowing to enable us to proceed with the larkspur herbicide trial! This week we pinched both the scabious (left hand photo) and half of […]

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Updated version of the Cut flower plant and seed suppliers directory

Gordon Hanks has recently updated the Cut Flower Plant and Seed Suppliers Directory.  This can be accessed by clicking on the following link:- supplier-database-201529810

CFC Final Report 2015 – Grower Summary

Please click on the following link to download a copy of the grower summary from the 2o15 CFC final report.  

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