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Week 18 (2018) Update

This week we planted a wide range of the Scoop series of Scabious.  These arrived as rooted cuttings in week 16 but as the tunnel was not steamed by then they were potted on into 50 module trays to allow them to grow on and not be checked before planting.  This is the third (and […]

Week 17 (2018) Update – the start of the season AT LAST!

What a start to the year, snow, gales frost and torrential rain!  However at last the wind dropped long enough to get the tunnels skinned and the sun came out (briefly).  We also managed to get the triple span tunnel steamed thanks to Phil Collison and his team.  So at last we will soon be […]

Week 42 (2017) – the end of this seasons trials.

The  land has been rotavated and the tunnel covers removed for the winter.  The blog will now be discontinued until the start of the new trials season in spring so please come back then and keep up with developments in 2018.

Week 40 and 41 (2017) Update

The Fusarium trial had been left as long as possible in order to ensure the maximum level of infection possible before rotovating the whole crop in to ensure a good level of inoculum for next years trials (a grower worse nightmare having it sat  in the soil waiting to infect next years crop!) See photos […]

Week 38 and 39 (2007) update

We are very close to the end of this years trials programme now but some of the late crops such as the caryopteris are just coming into flower (see photos below) The scabious is still flushing and seems to have had a new growth spurt since the weather has cooled down (see photos below) And […]

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Updated version of the Cut flower plant and seed suppliers directory

Gordon Hanks has recently updated the Cut Flower Plant and Seed Suppliers Directory.  This can be accessed by clicking on the following link:- supplier-database-201529810

CFC Final Report 2015 – Grower Summary

Please click on the following link to download a copy of the grower summary from the 2o15 CFC final report.  

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