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Week 28 (2018) Update

Firstly an update on the stocks downy mildew trial at  FERA.   Phil Jennings has successfully inoculated seedlings with spores from a number of column stock downy mildew samples from growers and are now bulking up the second round of seedling in order to provide enough inoculum to start the actual sensitivity testing in the […]

Open Day – 8th August. Less than 3 weeks to go.

This years Open Evening will be on Wednesday the 8th of August at Rookery Farm.  For full details and to register for the event please click the link below. A mobile, on-site diagnostic laboratory will also be present at the event providing an opportunity for growers to bring in plant samples for examination and […]

Week 27 (2018) Update

Oh well you can’t win them all and Orlaya Grandiflora certainly seems to fall into that category.  Back in week 20 we planted some superb large plug plants of this species  (see top left hand photo) which initially grew away well and started to flower after about 3 week (see top right and photo) and […]

Stock Downy Mildew – an Update

Following the CFC organised meeting of stock growers at J A Collison and Son last week, the resistance testing trial is now underway with Dr Phil Jennings at FERA.  Downy mildew is an obligate parasite which means that it will only live on live tissue.  This means that testing can only be done on living […]

Week 26 (2018) Update

Bulrush have again sponsored a lily alternative growing media trial and this year they have supplied both a peat free and peat reduced mix.  The first round of this trial was planted this week using the variety Dynamite and the crates are now in coldstore for the next couple of weeks. The second planting of […]

Latest Reports

Updated version of the Cut flower plant and seed suppliers directory

Gordon Hanks has recently updated the Cut Flower Plant and Seed Suppliers Directory.  This can be accessed by clicking on the following link:- supplier-database-201529810

CFC Final Report 2015 – Grower Summary

Please click on the following link to download a copy of the grower summary from the 2o15 CFC final report.  

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