Week 28 (2018) Update

Firstly an update on the stocks downy mildew trial at  FERA.   Phil Jennings has successfully inoculated seedlings with spores from a number of column stock downy mildew samples from growers and are now bulking up the second round of seedling in order to provide enough inoculum to start the actual sensitivity testing in the […]

Week 27 (2018) Update

Oh well you can’t win them all and Orlaya Grandiflora certainly seems to fall into that category.  Back in week 20 we planted some superb large plug plants of this species  (see top left hand photo) which initially grew away well and started to flower after about 3 week (see top right and photo) and […]

Week 26 (2018) Update

Bulrush have again sponsored a lily alternative growing media trial and this year they have supplied both a peat free and peat reduced mix.  The first round of this trial was planted this week using the variety Dynamite and the crates are now in coldstore for the next couple of weeks. The second planting of […]

Week 25 (2018) Update

This week we planted the Fusarium  column stock variety trial in the Haygrove tunnel using the full range of commercial varieties available from the Florensis who are the main supplier of plugs to the UK.  Owing to the well publicised downy mildew issues, other propagators were not included in this years trials.  Last year the small […]

Week 23 and 24 (2018) Update

The second half of each Veronica plot was pinched in week 23 and there are some noticeable differences.  The unpinched white plants had not started to make any breaks (see left hand photo) whereas the blue had made almost as many breaks as the pinched plants (see right hand photo), with the pink being in-between. […]

Week 22 (2018) Update

At last the weather fell right to get the larkspur herbicide trial underway.   Herbicide trials are always difficult because we have to have 3 or 4 days on the trot of the ideal weather conditions in order to work down the land, then get ADAS over to apply the pre drilling treatments, sow the […]

Week 21 (2018) Update

Its been a quiet week at the CFC this week but everything is growing away well in this glorious May weather.  However it would be god if the wind would stop blowing to enable us to proceed with the larkspur herbicide trial! This week we pinched both the scabious (left hand photo) and half of […]

Week 20 (2018) Update

This week we planted the first of the seed raised fillers ie Orlaya grandiflora, Ammi majus “Graceland”, Ammi visnaga “Casablanca” and Daucus carota “Dara”.  Ammi and Daucus had been looked at in previous years but the seed quality seemed to be and issue hence this year they have been supplied by Florensis as plugs.  The […]

Week 19 (2018) Update

Not much to report this week except to say that the Scabious have established well and are growing away vigorously.   Next week should bring quite a bit more planting in the tunnels.  

Week 18 (2018) Update

This week we planted a wide range of the Scoop series of Scabious.  These arrived as rooted cuttings in week 16 but as the tunnel was not steamed by then they were potted on into 50 module trays to allow them to grow on and not be checked before planting.  This is the third (and […]