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Week 41 (2019) Update – END OF THE SEASON

The tunnels have now been uncovered and the perennial trials have been cut back. The blog will now be suspended until the start of 2020 trials in spring.

Week 40 (2019) Update

The lily alternative growing media trial was assessed this week including stem length and weight measurements.   The peat free and peat reduced media visually seemed to perform as well if not better than the control and the full results will be included in the 2019 final report.

Week 38 and 39 (2019) Update

The Scabious continue to produce a prolific flush of flowers with the area cut back in July producing stems that are as strong as the first flush back in June. The Bulrush lily media trial is almost ready to harvest and assess although there are not many visual differences between the treatments. The eryngium trial […]

Week 36 & 37 (2019) Update

The trials are now gradually coming to an end this year with just a few still ongoing. The Scabious that was cut down a few weeks ago has now regrown and producing a reinvigorated flush of flowers.  The half of each bed that was not cut down is also still producing flowers but the stems […]

2019 Open Day Handout

For those of you who did not attend this years Open Day, the handout can be downloaded at by clicking the link below.

Latest Reports

Latest Factsheet on The Control Of Downy Mildew on Protected Column Stocks

Following on from the work that the CFC has undertaken with column stock growers relating to the issues with downy mildew in 2018 and the subsequent sensitivity trials at FERA, the CFC and AHDB have produced a detailed fact sheet giving information about the biology of the disease and how it can be managed by […]

Updated version of the Cut flower plant and seed suppliers directory

Gordon Hanks has recently updated the Cut Flower Plant and Seed Suppliers Directory.  This can be accessed by clicking on the following link:- supplier-database-201529810

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