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Week 37 & 38 (2018) Update

The Fusarium tunnel has now been cleared with the poly mulch and dead plants put into bags and burnt, the soil rotovated and the cover taken off the tunnel. The week 29 planting of Ammi visnaga is now in full flower (see left hand photo) and the week 32 planting (see right hand photo) has […]

Jonathan Moseley’s British Flower Bus 2018

During  2018 Jonathan Moseley led a nationwide campaign to promote commercial British Flower growing and highlight the 12 month availability of British Grown Flowers. Jonathan has been working with  FlorismartUK to launch a ground breaking three-year project with a major industry and retail campaign to establish wide scale seasonal growing of cut flowers in Britain […]

Air Movement Day on 9th October 2018

On the 9th of October an Air Movement Day will be held at W D Smith,  Smith and Son, Grange Nurseries, SS11 7QU. The day will start with presentations and interactive discussion covering the following questions: Why do you want air movement in a glasshouse? What techniques are available and how do they compare? What […]

Week 36 (2018) Update

The Lysimachia is in full flower this week (although they have been producing flowers over the past 2 weeks).  The Jumbo is still far superior to the Mambo which is still showing leaf necrosis and chlorosis.  They are also apparently very prone to spider mite? The second planting of Asclepias “Apollo Orange” is now in […]

Week 34 & 35 (2018) Update

Some of the Scabious that were cut back in week 33 have started to shoot again but some are very slow to recover.  It will be a few more weeks before we know if the “hard” cut to the ground or the “soft” cut leaving about 50cms of foliage is the most successful. As stated […]

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Updated version of the Cut flower plant and seed suppliers directory

Gordon Hanks has recently updated the Cut Flower Plant and Seed Suppliers Directory.  This can be accessed by clicking on the following link:- supplier-database-201529810

CFC Final Report 2015 – Grower Summary

Please click on the following link to download a copy of the grower summary from the 2o15 CFC final report.  

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