Week 28 (2019) Update

This year was a week of sending samples to various places including the Great Yorkshire show and RHS Tatton Park Flower Show where Jonathan Moseley continues to do a fabulous job of promoting UK flowers. The T34 trial was assessed this week.  The results were not as marked as we would have liked but an […]

Week 27 (2019) Update

The week 19 planting of “Japanese stocks” was ready to harvest this week.  Assessments were undertaken on 10 stems of each variety with the overall stem length and weight being measured and them all trimmed to 45cms and then weighed again.   The data is yet to be analysed but to summarise, all of the […]

Week 26 (2019) Update

The first flush of the overwintered Veronica was cut down this week.  The trial was originally planted at a density of 25 per sq/m but they have now been thinned to 12 per sq/m in order to ensure more air movement and hence make powdery mildew control a little easier.   The stem length (over […]

Week 25 (2019) Update

The Fusarium column variety trial continues to show marked differences between varieties and at this stage it looks like some plots may even produce marketable stems.  Regular assessments are being made and the summary of these will be presented at the Open Day on the 17th of July. Bulrush have again sponsored a trial to […]

Week 24 (2019) update

What a difference a week makes, last week we were almost in drought conditions and then this week Holbeach is topping the UK rainfall chart (until Wainfleet overtook it that was!).  The field that we intended to use for perennials looks suited for rice than Eryngium! However towards the end of the week the weather […]

Week 23 (2019) Update

This week the  first assessments were undertaken on the Fusarium susceptibility trial.  Its too early to give any firm results yet but there are certainly some significant differences  showing up between the varieties.  The following photos show an overview of the trial as well as the worst and best plots as regards Fusarium infection. The […]

Week 22 (2019) Update

Trials undertaken by The Warwick Crop Centre have found that when applied to the peat block at sowing (with further follow up treatments) T34 which is a biopesticide containing Trichoderma asperellum, showed a significant degree of control of Fusarium oxysporum  in lettuce crops.  Trials undertaken at the CFC and STC five years ago on column […]

Week 21 (2019) Update

The second planting of the “Japanese” stock variety was made this week (see right hand photo) and as well as selected plants supplied by Globe Plants, we have also planted some unselected plants from Newey.  The planting made in week 19 has established  and is now starting to grow away well (see left hand photo). […]

Week 20 (2019) Update

The perennials  are growing well and the Astrantia has produced its first flush of flowers.  These are very impressive albeit a little short at the moment with a stem length of 35 to 40 cm.  However having taken advice from the breeder, we have been advised that as the plant bulk increases, the stem length […]

2019 OPEN DAY IN THREE WEEKS TIME – Wednesday 17th July 2019

The 2019 Open Day will be held on the evening of Wednesday the 17th July.  This is earlier than previous years in order to allow the industry to view the column stock trials which will occupy 2 full tunnels this year.