Week 21 (2019) Update

The second planting of the “Japanese” stock variety was made this week (see right hand photo) and as well as selected plants supplied by Globe Plants, we have also planted some unselected plants from Newey.  The planting made in week 19 has established  and is now starting to grow away well (see left hand photo). […]

Week 20 (2019) Update

The perennials  are growing well and the Astrantia has produced its first flush of flowers.  These are very impressive albeit a little short at the moment with a stem length of 35 to 40 cm.  However having taken advice from the breeder, we have been advised that as the plant bulk increases, the stem length […]

2019 OPEN DAY IN THREE WEEKS TIME – Wednesday 17th July 2019

The 2019 Open Day will be held on the evening of Wednesday the 17th July.  This is earlier than previous years in order to allow the industry to view the column stock trials which will occupy 2 full tunnels this year.

Week 19 (2019) Update.

After the success of the small trials of “Japanese” varieties in 2018, the industry requested that the CFC do a larger trial in 2019 with 4 different planting dates and comparing them with “standard” varieties.  The first planting of the 2019 trial was made in week 19 and comprises a quarter of the tunnel.  Three […]

Week 18 (2019) The start of the new season…….

In week 18 we have planted the column stock variety trial in the Fusarium tunnel.  In order to prevent the issue that we had in 2018, the trial has been planted much earlier and we have used a white rather than black polythene mulch.  Most of the commercially grown varieties have been planted along with […]

Week 42 (2018) Update

The Bulrush lily herbicide trial was harvested and assessed this week.  There were clear differences between the treatments and the results will be reported in the annual report which will be available next year.

Week 39 (2018) Update – The End of the Season (Almost)

Most of the trials are now complete (except for the Bulrush lily growing media trial that has been moved into a glasshouse) and the annual crops have been cleared, the perennials cut back and the tunnels uncovered.  The blog will now not be updated on a weekly basis and posts will only be added infrequently […]

Week 37 & 38 (2018) Update

The Fusarium tunnel has now been cleared with the poly mulch and dead plants put into bags and burnt, the soil rotovated and the cover taken off the tunnel. The week 29 planting of Ammi visnaga is now in full flower (see left hand photo) and the week 32 planting (see right hand photo) has […]

Week 36 (2018) Update

The Lysimachia is in full flower this week (although they have been producing flowers over the past 2 weeks).  The Jumbo is still far superior to the Mambo which is still showing leaf necrosis and chlorosis.  They are also apparently very prone to spider mite? The second planting of Asclepias “Apollo Orange” is now in […]

Week 34 & 35 (2018) Update

Some of the Scabious that were cut back in week 33 have started to shoot again but some are very slow to recover.  It will be a few more weeks before we know if the “hard” cut to the ground or the “soft” cut leaving about 50cms of foliage is the most successful. As stated […]