OPEN DAY NEXT WEEK – 8th of August

Don’t forget that this years Open Evening will be next Wednesday ie the 8th of August at Rookery Farm. For full details and to register for the event please click the link below. A mobile, on-site diagnostic laboratory will also be present at the event providing an opportunity for growers to bring in plant […]

Solidago (2016)

Final Report 2009 – Grower Summary

Copy of the Grower Summary from the 2009 Final Report

Debbie Wilson

Debbie Wilson is the current research manager for HDC with responsibility for the Bulbs and Outdoor Flowers and Protected Ornamental sector panels.  Prior to joining HDC she worked with growers in on research projects as part as her remit as ornamentals specialist with Horticulture Research International and latterly Warwick HRI which included work in  the […]

Robert Honeysett

Rob has worked for Sainsbury’s for over 5 years, as a technologist within produce initially and now as the floral technologist. Rob studied Horticulture at Wye College in Kent. Sainsbury’s supermarkets have over 1000 stores in the UK, selling flowers in over 940 of them.

Gordon Flint

Gordon has a degree in horticulture and a PhD in narcissus physiology / propagation.  He worked in Government funded research before joining Winchester Bulb Growers in 1987 were he was the   Production Director up untill 1995 during which time he drove the expansion of the daffodil area and intriduced the growing of other flower types and […]

Lyndon Mason

Lyndon Mason has worked in the Cut Flower industry for 25 years, initially with ADAS but subsequently through his own business ie L&RM Consultancy Ltd. Lyndon has been the CFC Project Manager since its inception in 2006 and with the aid of other members of the Management Group has been responsible for obtaining the necessary funding to […]