EAMU 1176/2015 ‘Cuprokylt’ (50 % w/w copper oxychloride) in outdoor ornamental plant production

EAMU 1176/2015 ‘Cuprokylt’ (50 % w/w copper oxychloride) in outdoor ornamental plant production

This new Extension of Authorisation for Minor Use (EAMU) relates to the use of ‘Cuprokylt’ (M16944) as a fungicide for the control of Pseudomonas spp and Xanthomonas spp in outdoor ornamental plant production. Click on the ‘Download’ button to see the authorisation notice.

Important Information for Growers:

The notice of authorisation states:

Workers must wear suitable protective gloves* when handling treated crops or contaminated surfaces.

*Meeting at least glove safety standard EN374-2:2003, Level 2. Such gloves can be identified by a CE Mark with four digits below, and the EN374 pictogram for micro-biological hazards or the pictogram for ‘waterproof’ and ‘low chemical resistance’ gloves.

For further information on how to comply with the glove requirement above please visit www.hdc.org.uk/gloves  where the HDC Factsheet 09/15 ‘Selection and use of ‘splash resistant single use’ (SRSU) protective gloves for workers handling treated plants and contaminated surfaces’ can be downloaded from.

Neither the efficacy nor the phytotoxicity of the product for which this EAMU has been granted has been assessed and, as such, the user bears the risk in respect of failures concerning its efficacy or phytotoxicity.

IMPORTANT: When applying this product under the terms of this Extension of Use Notice, comply with any resistance guidance or restrictions stated on the product label.

Total reliance on one pesticide will hasten the development of resistance. Pesticides of different chemical types or alternative control measures should be included in the planned programme. Alternating with different modes of action is a recognised anti-resistance strategy.

This EAMU has been sent to you by the HDC, who distribute EAMUs (formerly known as SOLAs) on the basis of the crop information that you have previously provided. If you are receiving EAMUs for crops that you no longer grow, or not receiving EAMUs for those that you do grow, please contact the HDC by email on hdc@ahdb.org.uk quoting your levy number.

In order to comply with current legislation, you should download this EAMU onto your personal computer or retain a paper copy before using this EAMU.

NB. CRD have advised that there may be a short delay of up to four working days before new EAMUs are available on the CRD website, after they have first been issued to HDC