Release of new Downy Mildew Fungicide

The following Press Release describes a new downy mildew fungicide that is soon to be released by BASF.

BASF to launch new fungicide for downy mildew of Impatiens

BASEL, Switzerland, July 23, 2012: In September, growers will have another weapon against downy mildew of impatiens when BASF introduces their new fungicide, Orvego. Combining two active ingredients, dimethomorph (the same one in Stature SC) and a new one, amectotradin, Orvego also provides protection against the whole spectrum of Phytophthora pathogens. BASF announced the new product last week at the OFA Short Course in Columbus, Ohio. “This is a new class of chemical for these diseases,” says Steve Larson, sales manager of ornamentals for BASF. Our other product, Pageant Intrinsic, is a shotgun; it’s broad-spectrum and controls everything. Orvego is a sniper rifle, providing targeted control for specific diseases.” Downy mildews are host-specific, and while downy mildew of impatiens (Plasmopora obducens) has garnered all the attention recently, other plants can be affected as well. Orvego is active against the whole lineup of downy mildew pathogens. It is labeled for production of ornamentals in greenhouses, lathhouses, container and field nurseries and interiorscapes. It works best when applied preventatively as a spray or, when used for crown and root rotting Phytophthora species, as a sprench, or heavy spray, on the crown and surrounding soil. Larson says between Pageant (which is also labeled for landscape use) and Orvego, growers have less to fear from downy mildew. “There’s no reason for growers to shy away from selling impatiens for the landscape. These are great products to control this disease,” he says. Orvego will be available in the USA through distributors after September 1, 2012.