Solomio and Breanthus trials in 2012 – summary of results

These are the first of a new series of CFC technical bulletins which aim to give a concise two page summary of new products which have been trialled by the CFC and have received a positive market response from the industry.  We intend to produce these on a regular basis and hope that they give you enough information to decide if this crop is worth you investigating further,  Please be aware that these are not designed to give you a full production blue print, and as they are based on only one years observations, they must be treated with caution.

We do however have further trials planned for both the Solomio and Breanthus in 2013 so look forward to giving you a full update at our summer Open Day.

Please click on the link below to open up the relevant PDF.

Breanthus 2012 technical bulletin

Solomio 2012 technical bulletin