US Asociation of Specilaity Cut Flower Growers (ASCFG)- Three Cut Flowers of the year for 2014


The following are details of the 3 top cut flowers of 2104 as chosen by the ASCFG members.

The first is the Everlasting hydrangea series, from Plants Nouveau, which were bred specifically for the cut flower market, they say. These reblooming mopheads change colors from green to soft shades of pink, purple, blue, and red, and back again to green, making them perfect for wedding designs and event use. Stems grow 3 to 4 ft. tall, and are tough enough for handling by farmers’ market customers. Cultivars include Amethyst, Coral, Garnet, Harmony, Jade, Noblesse, Ocean, Opal, and Revolution. Plants are hardy to Zone 5.
Second is the Chantilly snapdragon series from Takii. ASCFG member Linda Doan from Tennessee says of Chantilly, “Pale yellow and pink seem to be the spring/early summer weddings colors, and Chantilly is the flower I’m hoping will bring the most smiles to my brides. With its open face it seems somehow softer, which is exactly the look I’m after. The fact that it’s the first snap to bloom in my unheated hoop house makes it all the more appealing.” Flower stems grow to 40 to 55 in., and the series comes in a wide range of flower color.
Last, Anemone Galilee Blue is available from Fred Gloeckner. Galilee Blue is great for early season color. In Texas, Frank and Pamela Arnosky cut anemones from January through March, and find them to be bestsellers at supermarkets and popular for weddings. Galilee’s strong stems and large flowers provide dependable color in bouquets or single-stem bunches. Besides blue, look for magenta pink, violet, scarlet, and bicolors.