Visit from Judy Laushman of the Association of Speciality Cut Flower Growers (ASCFG)

In the third  week of April (ie week 16)  Judy Laushman who is the executive director of the ASCFG in the states, visited a number of UK cut flower growers.  The tour was organised by Gill Hodgson, the driving force behind Flowers From the Farm (FFTF) and on the 16th Judy came into Norfolk to visit Belmont Nursery and J A Collison and Son.  I think Judy got a lot out of the visit and the following is an extract from the email that she sent me once she got back to the States:-

Gill Hodgson and I had a terrific week together, and found that we, and our cut flower growers, share many similarities.  I enjoyed getting to know her, and visiting the farms she had lined up for our visit. Just like my ASCFG members, they are passionate growers and innovative businesspeople. It’s good to know that such traits are universal among hard-working growers.           

 Thank you for meeting us, and for the tour of the larger cut flower producers. I was happy to meet you in person, and impressed with your breadth of experiences. We should discuss future collaborations; either bringing U.S. growers to the U.K., or vice-versa, for tours. I know our growers would be interested in the research being conducted at the National Cut Flower Centre.

I look forward to working with you in the future.

So there you are, we have an open invitation to visit the states if UK growers are interested in such a study tour!