Week 15 (2016) – start of the second year of the Deep Pool Hydroponics Trial



After both the pool and the floats had been thoroughly sterilised the second year of the trial has been started.  This year we aim to try and replicate the successes that we achieved right at the end of last years trial by starting off with both highly oxygenated water and the addition of a suitable fungicide to control water born diseases.  This year we will be concentrating on just column stocks but with floats of lettuce acting as a control.

In week 15 we have planted 36 floats of Mathilda yellow (see picture 1) with 2 rows of floats having an air stone under each float (see picture 2) and the 2 adjacent rows having no air stones with a view to see if the different oxygen concentrations’ result in different levels of growth.


The tunnels at the CFC have been steamed this week (thanks again to Mr Collison and his team)  and planting of the 2016 trials will begin next week.