Week 16 (2016) Update



This week we have installed a small trial vertical aeroponics system which has been generously purchased by Ian and Phil Collison. This system grows plants in vertical “tubes” supported by two strips of sponge. The plugs are initially laid on a wick (see photo 1) before the tubes are closed and supported on a wooden frame (see picture 2) before being connected to tubes running to small pump which sprays the roots with a light misting of water, The excess water is  then recirculated via pipes at the bottom of each tube (see photo 3).  For further details of this system click on the following link – www.aponic.co.uk.

We have also started planting the shallow pool system (see picture 4) and will again be trialling experimental electrolysed water to see if last years encouraging results can be repeated.










At the CFC site we have tentatively started planting this years trials but with frosts still on the horizon we ae currently delaying any  outdoor planting until a bit later.   The first things to be planted in the tunnels are the ornamental grasses for use as fillers.

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