Week 18 (2019) The start of the new season…….

In week 18 we have planted the column stock variety trial in the Fusarium tunnel.  In order to prevent the issue that we had in 2018, the trial has been planted much earlier and we have used a white rather than black polythene mulch.  Most of the commercially grown varieties have been planted along with a wide range of “Japanese” varieties including Iron, Venus, Arrow and Avalon (which have never been tested for their susceptibility to Fusarium).  The trial is fully randomised with 3 replicates.

The trials looking at the new ranges of Scabious will continue in 2019 and it had been hoped to include the new range of Danziger Scoop series as well as the range from HilverdaKooij.  Unfortunately HilverdaKooij have informed us that their range is not available this year.

In order to obtain an earlier flowering crop, the Danziger plugs were potted into 9cm pots in week 12 and then pinched in the pots 4 weeks later.  This is producing a well branched mature plant (see photos) that will be planted out in about 2 weeks time.