Week 19 (2016) Update

The grasses and other transplants are growing away well and this week we also planted a range of Gomphrena as part of our NPD trials.

website2016-023 website2016-024

The stocks in the deep pool hydroponics trial continue to thrive with very good root development.  So far, the addition levels of oxygen seem to high enough to achieve good growth even in the two rows of floats that are adjacent to the air stones.

website2016-025 website2016-026

After a few teething troubles we also now have the new Intellidose controller up and running to automatically control the PH and nutrient status.  A new  planting of stocks (and 2 trays of lettuce) has also been made and planted in the corner of the pool in an area of lower oxygen concentration to see if the plants perform as poorly as they did last year.

website2016-027 website2016-028

The shallow pool trials are performing well (see left hand photo below) but the aeroponics system is producing weak and starved looking growth (see right hand photo) so we are consulting the supplier to see what changes need to be made in order to improve things.

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