Week 19 (2019) Update.

After the success of the small trials of “Japanese” varieties in 2018, the industry requested that the CFC do a larger trial in 2019 with 4 different planting dates and comparing them with “standard” varieties.  The first planting of the 2019 trial was made in week 19 and comprises a quarter of the tunnel.  Three other plantings will be made up to week 25 hence filling the whole tunnel and giving a wide flowering period.  The “Japanese varieties include a wide range of colours of Iron, Venus Cherry Blossom and Pink, Arrow white, Avalon white and yellow as well as Vintage brown.   As well as vase life testing and providing samples for the wider industry, a number of stems will be weighed and measured at flowering in order to give imperial comparisons with these and standard varieties.  The second planting will be made in week 21.