Week 19 update

Its been a quiet week at the CFC as we wait for the promised rain in order to get the clods broken down in the outdoor area and hence get a seed bed established. Lets hope that once the rain does arrive, that it know when to stop.

If the weather allows we are hoping to make a start on the ADAS Ronstar replacement herbicide trials next week by planting the aster blocks and also drilling the direct seeded aster trial.  It is also hoped to get the lily herbicide trial underway.

Providing the seed arrives (we have been badly let down by our seed supplier and have had to look elsewhere) we also hope to drill the first sowings of the filler trial to include, carthamus, bupleurum, Ammi majus, Ammi visnaga, Euphorbia oblongata, Anthriscus sylvestris, Anethum graveolens and Ridolfia.  We had hoped to make earlier sowings of these, but a  combination of the weather and the none appearance of the long awaited seed order has delayed things somewhat.