Week 20 (2016) Update

Everything is now growing away well in the sunshine and the direct seeded fillers (Ammi etc) are just starting to germinate (see left hand photo) as are the batch of direct seeded grasses (see right hand photo)

website2016-031 website2016-032

The stocks in the deep pool hydroponics trial have now reached 8 inches and a bud is just visible (see photos below).

website2016-034 website2016-033

We have made a number of changes to the aeroponic system, the key one being inserting the plugs deeper into the tubes to ensure that the roots develop in the air.  The plugs planted a couple of weeks ago have not formed many  air roots (see left hand photo)  hence it is hoped that the deeper planting of the plugs (see centre and right hand photo) will overcome these problems.

website2016-035 website2016-036 website2016-037