Week 20 update

AT LAST – the rain arrived!!!  With almost military precision we have been able to set up the first of the ADAS herbicide trials that we are hosting ie direct seeded asters and larkspur.  The land was fertilised and cultivated on Tuesday morning, ADAS applied the pre drilling herbicides in the afternoon and the  beds were seeded in the evening (thank you Mr Eves).  By Wednesday the wind had dropped to enable ADAS to apply the post drilling herbicides but the rain promised on Thursday did not materialise so we had to irrigate in order to activate the herbicides.  Once we have had a good shower of rain we will cover the asters with poly in order to enhance germination.  In about a months time we will also be drilling the sweet Williams and wallflowers for the second section of the trial.  In addition to these trials ADAS will also be undertaking some commercial scales trials on sweet Williams and transplanted asters using some of the most promising herbicides from the 2104 trial.  These will be conducted at three local nurseries.


In addition to the herbicide trials we have also made the second sowing of the seed raised fillers in the Spanish tunnel.

The first of the trials looking at using AD waste and Coir for boxed lily production has also been set up at James Cole.  The second of these trials will be planted at Stephen Munson’s next week.