Week 21 (2016) Update

This week we have planted  a range of demonstration crops including, Gyp, Craspedia, Veronica, Caryopteris, Sea Oats, Lobelia and  Solanum.

website2016-038 website2016-039

In addition to the above we have also planted a replicated trial to investigate the yield implication of pinching a crop of Trachelium planted at 25 per sq/m (lest hand photo) compared to single stem production at 64 per sq/m (right hand photo) using both Lake Forest Blue and Lake Michigan White.

website2016-0340 website2016-0341

The stocks in the deep pool hydroponic trial are starting to show colour so we have netted them as a precaution to ensure that they do not fall over (see left hand photo below).  The changes made to aeroponic facility seem to have improved the growth of the plants with the new plugs now growing away well (see right hand photo below).

website2016-042 website2016-043