Week 21 (2017) Update

This week we boxed up the first planting of the alternative lily media trial which this year is looking a Anaerobic Digestate mixes from Bullrush and Lincoln Uni.  These will now be placed in the coldstore for 2 or 3 weeks before being housed in one of the tunnels.  A second planting is also planned for about a months time.

This week we have also got on top of the planting (both indoors and outdoors) with a wide range of crops including grasses, Gomphrena, Ammi, Daucus and Orlaya.  The indoor Scabious were pinched this week and the land was finally suitable to plant the outdoor crop.  We have also sown up a wide range of modules that if the timing is right will be in flower for the Open Day on the 9th of August.