Week 22 (2018) Update

At last the weather fell right to get the larkspur herbicide trial underway.   Herbicide trials are always difficult because we have to have 3 or 4 days on the trot of the ideal weather conditions in order to work down the land, then get ADAS over to apply the pre drilling treatments, sow the crop and then get ADAS back again to apply the post drilling herbicides.  After almost running out of time (larkspur ideally need to be drilled no later than the end of May) we managed to get all of these  required actions completed on the Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of week 22 with soil conditions being near perfect for drilling the crop and applying the herbicides via a hand held precision sprayer (see photo below).  For the full list of treatments please click on the following link.  2018 CFC ADAS larkspur herbicide trial treatments


All of the tunnel trials are looking superb and the weather in May has certainly made up for the awful April.  The second planting of Ammi, Daucus and Orlaya was made this week.