Week 22 (2019) Update

Trials undertaken by The Warwick Crop Centre have found that when applied to the peat block at sowing (with further follow up treatments) T34 which is a biopesticide containing Trichoderma asperellum, showed a significant degree of control of Fusarium oxysporum  in lettuce crops.  Trials undertaken at the CFC and STC five years ago on column stocsk showed that T34  gave no control of Fusarium when applied as a module dip before planting (which was the label rec at the time) but in the light of the lettuce trials it was decided to revisit its use on a stock crop.  Standard peat lettuce blocks were sown with Iron Blue + Purple and Fedora Deep Rose + Debora in week 16 and half of the blocks drenched with T34 (see left hand photo).  These were then allowed to grow into large plants to ensure that the block was full of root before planting (see right hand photo of the trays of blocks just before planting).

The blocks were planted out into the Haygrove Fusarium tunnel in week 22.  The trial is fully replicated and has been planted in a bed adjacent to the variety trial  which was planted 3 weeks ago.  After planting, the plots containing the blocks drenched with T34 at sowing were also drenched with a top up application of T34.

Some plants in the  variety trial are now starting to show some signs of Fusarium and the first assessment will be made next week (wk 23).

The further bed of Scabious has been planted this week contained some varieties on the new range of Focal Scoop.  These were unfortunately not available when we potted the earlier varieties in week 11 and as can be seem from the photos below these will almost certainly not be in flower by the Open Day.