Week 22 Update

The second of the alternative lily media trials was boxed up this week at Stephen Munson’s Nursery. In addition to the AD trials we have also included 100% Coir as one of the treatments.


Most of the overwintered aster ericoides have now reached 60cms and the blackout has started which is three weeks earlier than when they were a newly planted crop last year.

The week 17 sowing of the seed raised fillers is growing away well and they are being thinned when large enough.  The week 20 sowing is just starting to germinate.

Some of the varieties of alstroemeria are nearly ready for harvest and this is likely to start next week.  They will also need to be thinned in order to remove the weak shoots and encourage more marketable stems.

The second planting of the Trachelium trial took place this week.