Week 22 update

This week we have planted a later batch of Zinnia and have now discovered that just like the carnations last year, the rabbits have favourite varieties.  They are very partial to lime and purple which they have identified in a bed of 15 varieties – how do they do it!!!?  These have now been netted so that will spoil their fun!

The trachelium variety trial has also been planted using varieties from Florensis and Combinations (or Noordam Plants as they are now called.

The direct seeded asters have now germinated so the polythene has been removed.  There are some obvious differences between the herbicide treatments showing up already.

We have also now planted the Parigo alstroemeria with the tunnel trial comprising of 2 metres of 12 varieties.  The outdoor trial will be planted next week.

The Hilverda delphinium varieties have now been cut down after their first flush and dug up and moved to what is now our new perennial tunnel.