Week 23 (2017) Update

What a year of variable weather we have had this year, a spring drought, late frost and now autumn gales in June!!!.  The CFC has not escaped the consequences of this weather with the latest of out issues being the involuntary deskinning of one of our tunnels.  Luckily no damage occurred to the crop and we now need the wind to drop in order to get the cover back on.

The overwintered veronica has almost finished its first flush (see left hand photo) and the freshly planted crop has been pinched and is starting to break (see right hand photo).

The overwintered Solidago is just starting to flower (see left hand photo).  The Scabious have budded up early this year, presumably due to weather factors (see right hand photo) and these will be pinched again to remove this premature bud.

As usual samples are being sent to various outlets (both supermarkets and florists) mainly by the efforts of Sue Lamb to whom we owe our thanks yet again.