Week 23 (2019) Update

This week the  first assessments were undertaken on the Fusarium susceptibility trial.  Its too early to give any firm results yet but there are certainly some significant differences  showing up between the varieties.  The following photos show an overview of the trial as well as the worst and best plots as regards Fusarium infection.

The third planting of the “Japanese stocks” variety trial was made this week (see left hand photo) which just leaves one final planting in 2 weeks time.  The first two plantings are growing away  well (see middle photo)  but keeping the fleas beetle at bay has been somewhat challenging!  We have also incorporated a small trial to investigate stock production in both new and used Coir strawberry bags (see right hand photo).

And finally for this post, just to mention that we have planted a number of NPD products such as Lepidium “Green Dragon” (both African and “home prop” plugs) , Didiscus and Gomphrena.