Week 35 (2016) update

The Trick delphinium are now into their second flush and the leaf issue present in the first round does not seem to have shown up again.

website2016-0389 website2016-0390

The Gomphrena continue to flush vigorously and after a disappointing start they are now producing a large number of stems of a good length.  Samples are being sent to a wide range of potential customers.

website2016-0391 website2016-0392

The pumpkin on a stick are now producing fruits and it will be very interesting to see how they develop and just what kind of end product they make.

website2016-0393 website2016-0394

The new range of asters (Julie) are now in full flower (albeit a bit over the top in order to see their full flower development) and they are now likely to be trialled commercially next year.

website2016-0396 website2016-0395

The outdoor aster herbicide trial is progressing well (see left hand photo) and the alternative lily growing media is showing some encouraging results (see right hand photo)

website2016-0397 website2016-0398

The altroemeria are now back into full flush (see left hand photo) and Cleome (see right hand photo)are still continuing to produce a constant flush of stems and have not stopped since the first flowers appeared in week 26.

website2016-0399 website2016-0400

The perennial scabious (see right hand photo) are continuing to produce flowers (although they have developed a leaf issue that needs to be resolved) and the solidago (see left hand photo) are now in full flower.

website2016-0401 website2016-0402

Next weeks blog will give further updates on the new products in this years trials as well as updating you on the hydroponic trials at J A Collison & Son.