Week 25 and 26 Update

In week 25 we have planted a trial of the  Katz varieties of column stocks grown in Spanish tunnels to complement the glasshouse trial planted at Phil Collison’s in week 24.

In week 26 we have planted a wide range of Cosmos varieties in the multispan tunnel at a density of 64 plants per sq/m.  Lupins have also been planted in the same tunnel at a density of 10 plants per sq/m using  the Gallery and Russell series of varieties.  These will also be planted outdoors as soon as it has rained enough to make the soil workable.

The breanthus continue to crop well but differences are still showing up as regards stem quality and factors such as leaf scorch.   Detailed assessments are being taken of stem count, length and weight.

The grower based column stock trials have established well and we hope that they are on track to be ready to view at the CFA Open Day on the 1st of August.  As in previous trials, the Katz varieties look very thin and weak in the early stages but in the past they have always gone on to produce a very good quality stem at harvest.