Week 26 (2016) update

This is getting repetitive, but the weather yet again prevented us from getting the herbicide trials underway!!

Some of the first plantings of the grasses are now ready to crop (see photos below) and samples are being taken by potential customers to both assess suitability in mixed bouquets and of course to determine vase life.

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The deep pool hydroponics trial has now been replanted with another round with a view to being in flower for the Open Day on the 10th of August,  It has been replanted with a range of different varieties including Centum, Jordyn any Anytime.

website2016-0356 website2016-0358

As well as planting the plugs directly into the floats, we are starting the plants in a number of different modules such as net pots and preformed Oasis blocks (see  photos below) which is a technique used in deep pool lettuce production systems. It is anticipated that these will be introduced into the pool after about 10 to 14 days growth.

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