Week 27 (2019) Update

The week 19 planting of “Japanese stocks” was ready to harvest this week.  Assessments were undertaken on 10 stems of each variety with the overall stem length and weight being measured and them all trimmed to 45cms and then weighed again.   The data is yet to be analysed but to summarise, all of the Jap stocks had longer stems than the traditional varieties but once trimmed to 45cms, the weight of the Jap varieties was similar or less than the traditional varieties.

The Fusarium susceptibility variety trial has produced some superb results this year and all of the assessments have now be completed. The photos below shoe an overall shot of the trial and a close up of the  worse and best plots.

The scabious is now in full flower with some of the new varieties showing real promise – see Focal Scoop Purple in the middle picture below.