Week 27 and 28 update

The first flush of breanthus is almost finished and detailed records have been taken.  In week 28 the final assessments were undertaken on the ADAS column stock herbicide trial and a summary of the results will be presented at the Open Day on the 1st of August.

In week 27 we have planted a range  of Basil varieties which have been identified as having potential for fillers in mixed bouquets.  These have been planted both under protection and outdoors at a density of 64 per sq/m.

The Zinnia produced a premature bud very quickly after flowering so after taking advice, we have experimented with removing the bud from half of the crop and leaving the remainder of each plot to flower naturally.  We have been informed that the plants will freely branch and that the later stems will not be prone to premature budding.  Slugs have found the outdoor Zinnia crop very tasty!!

In week 27 we have planted another round of annual “bloom” asters as part of our search for a replacement for Krallen,  However aphids are a bit of an issue in the first planting so keep an eye out for them on your own aster crops!