Week 28 Update

ADAS applied the post drilling herbicides to the sweet William and wallflower herbicide trials – we now need to ensure that we get good germination of the crops.

We have had to delay the vase life testing of the Zinnia until we see if it is possible to reduce the level of bacterial infection within them.  So far, the later (week 22) planting does not seem as badly affected as the week 18 planting hence we are hopeful that we can obtain some reasonable quality stems.

This week also saw the planting of a second batch of lilies at EM Coles as part of the peat alternative growing media trial.  This time we have included a new “green” compost from Bettaland and will also include a 60% AD mix which should be delivered next week.  The first planting of this trials is looking very encouraging!

Following on from the results at STC a couple of years ago which showed that  a high rate of Octave appeared to control Fusarium in stocks, we have planted a simple “pot” trial to look at the efficacy of twice and four times the rate of chemical.  We intend to look at Octave, Switch, Cercobin, Signum, Plover and a new SHDI.