Week 29 & 30 (2018) Update

The Veronica started to crop in week 29 and it is now clear that pinching at different times has achieved exactly what we wanted with the white and pink ie the first pinch cropped throughout week 29 and 30 with the second pinch coming in later.  However this was not the case with the blue were pinching made very little difference to flowering time (see photos below).

The first planting of Ammi and Daucus were in full flush this week (see photos below).  However the Ammi visnaga had made stems the size of tree trunks so the latest planting has been spaced at 25 per sq/m (as recommended) and 64 per sq/m to see if the later planting will give a smaller and more manageable stem.

And finally we can’t let the “silly” temperatures of week 30 pass without comment.  The heat wave is making life difficult for most growers and life at the CFC was no exception with the scabious for example producing about 3 weeks of flush in a single week!