Week 29 Update

This week we have given the Zinnias a severe haircut and tried to cut out as much of the bacterial infection as possible.  On the advice of a well respected plant pathologist we will also apply regular sprays of Amistar so see if we can “manage” the problem and produce some unaffected stems suitable for vase life testing!

The wallflowers have germinated well and the sweet Williams are just starting to come through – as are the weeds in some of the plots.

The transplanted aster herbicide trial has now been hand weeded in order to reduce the competition to the crop and it is obvious that some chemicals are a total non started (ne weeds in the plot, but no asters either) whereas others are showing some promise.

Further vase life testing has also been undertaken on the eryngium which are now at a more advanced stage and also some of the new varieties of Leacanthemum.  The Cotinus are looking spectacular and we are working with Crysal and Butters in order to try and improve the vase life.  The week 21 planting of Dill has also now been cropped and is undergoing vase life testing.