Week 30 (2016) Update

The Trachelium (left hand photo) and some of the Miyoshi Julie asters (right hand photo)  have now started to flower but the trachelium will need to be harvested before the Open Day in week 32.

website2016-0380 website2016-0381

The Ammi majus (left hand photo) has been in flower for about 2 weeks and the Ammi visnaga is just starting to flower (middle and right hand photo).

website2016-0383 website2016-0382 website2016-0384

Some of the perennial products planted this year are also now coming into flower including the Gyp (right hand photo) and the veronica (left hand photo).

website2016-0386 website2016-0385

These and many other will still be in flower on the Open Day on the 10th of August which is now only just over a week away.