Week 31 (2018) Update

The first planting (week 20) of the Asclepias are now in flower and have produced some very attractive blooms.  However there is an issue with water uptake (owing to the latex in the sap) and this is now being investigated in order to assess the vase life potential of this crop.

The lily crates were moved out of the coldstore into the tunnel this week but its too early to assess the performance of the different mixes.

The scorching weather has resulted in the  Scabious producing about a months flowers over 10 days!  This has hit them quite hard and some of the varieties are producing very weak stems.  Growers in Holland have had the same issue and some have decided to cut the crop back with a view to producing a fresh flush in September.  We have therefore decided to cut some of ours back and are trialling a light cut leaving about 50cm of foliage (see left hand photo) and a hard cut almost to the ground (see right hand photo).  Only time will tell which of these will produce the best outcome.

The late planted crop of column stocks is growing away well and has certainly had the heat to test their performance in adverse conditions.  Some of the Japanese varieties look quite encouraging but we will not of course be able to  make a full assessment until they flower.  Assuming that they do adequately come into flower we will arrange a “mini” Open Evening to enable interested parties to view the end product.