Week 32 update

As usual been a very busy week preparing for the Open Day on the 5th of August.

To enable growers to see the maximum amount of crops on the day we have not harvested this week which means that some species such as the Alstroemeria and Trachelium are well out.  The following pictures show how impressive these flowers are when they are  mature.

website-097 website-100

website-096  website-099

website-098   website-101

The tunnel grown direct seeded fillers have proved a bit disappointing this year.  Some of the early sowings especially the Ridolfia, dill and Ammi have either not germinated or have developed “odd” symptom such as leave chlorosis and stunting.  The general consensus is that this could have been caused by herbicide residues from the 2014 lily herbicide trial.  The later sowings do not seem to be showing the same symptoms hence it is possible that the herbicide residues have now broken down.  The following picture show the problems evident on the week 17 sowing of Ammi majus.

website-103       website-102

 The blacked out aster eroicides have now been cut back to see if we can obtain a second flush.   This year, the first flush has been far too vigorous and unmanageable. It looks as if rather than starting the blackout when the stems were 50 to  70cm tall, we should have started at 30 t0 40cms tall.