Week 32 update

After the success of the Open Day last week, we are now back to recording and assessing the trials with a vengeance this week.

Many of the crops have now been harvested including the last of the breanthus and eryngium, the first stems from the annual and perennial asters as well as the lilies, sunflowers and Katz stocks.  Vase life work also continues with the Zinnia and Karma Dahlias.

The assessments have been completed on the Fusarium susceptibility variety trial at J A Collison and Son and the results will be the subject of one of our 2 page fact sheets which will hopefully be available in September.

In conjunction with ADAS we are undertaking a herbicide trial on Sweet Williams in an attempt to find a replacement for Ronstar which will not be available in a couple of years time!  This trial is been hosted by a commercial nursery,