Week 34 (2019) Update

The Eucomis are in full flower this week and some of the varieties, especially Sparkling Burgundy (see left hand photo) are spectacular with the stem length exceeded 90cms?  However the premium price that would be commanded for these stems would probably make it a florist rather than a supermarket product.

The Gomphrena is now starting to make a suitable stem length with many stems exceeding 55cms which would potentially make it a suitable filler for bouquets.

The second round of white and pink  veronica is now starting to flower although the blue is already over the top with the second flush being to short and weak to make a quality stem.  However the pink and white look like they will produce marketable stems and in order to produce a better quality product we are experimenting with removing the centre bud in order to try and produce a spray the same as with the Lysimachia a couple of weeks ago.  The results of this will be reported via this blog in a week or twos time.