Week 34 Update

The lily media trials at  E M Coles have now been harvested and the stem weight and length assessed.  Provisionally the Coir has performed as well as the standard lily peat but the Anaerobic Digestate (AD) showed a bit more variability and a delay of a couple of days in flowering.  It will be interesting to see the results of the later planted trial which also includes 60% AD.

We have also harvested and counted the remaining stems from the Trachelium Lake Michigan blue and Corine Purple.   The remaining  Lake Michigan purple and white will be harvested next week but it is clear that the 2 strongest varieties are Lake Michigan blue and Corine Purple.

The second flush of aster ericoides is growing away well with most plants producing a number of strong and vigorous shoots.

The week 27 planting of Dill in the Haygrove tunnel was ready for cutting this week and is being vase life tested.

The Tiara carnations are starting to flower but it has proved necessary to remove the leas flower, a task which is both difficult and time consuming.

The sweet William herbicide trial at Belmont Nursery is starting to show some signs of germination but owing to capping of the soil we desperately need some rain!