Week 35 and 36 update

The protected alstroemeria are still producing a large number of good quality stems but the outdoor crop is still slow to crop.

At long last the Carthamus are marketable but the weather has caused a bit of bract tipping but not enough to seriously affect the overall quality.

Most of the week 27 sowing of sunflowers are now flowering.  Some are too short to be suitable for cut flower production but others are tall enough with some interesting new flower forms.  All of the taller varieties are being vase life tested.

The Tiara spray carnations have also now been harvested and are being vase life tested.  Thrips  are certainly a potential problem with this crop!

The remaining stems of Trachelium Lake Michigan White and Purple have also been harvested and counted in week 35.

The Cosmos continues to mature, albeit very slowly whereas the Zinnia are still producing large numbers of stems.