Week 35 and 36 update

After the late start to the season, things have now really caught up with many of the indoor trials now almost fully cropped.   Its a good job we did not hold the Open Day in September as per last year because there would not be much to see!  The lupins have produced a surprising number of good stems and we are hoping to be able to do some limited vase life trials thjs year.  The “bloom” aster trial has demonstrated that a few of the “American” varieties are worth pursuing further although some may need growth regulant applied when grown under protection.  We are now waiting to see if the breanthus and aster ericoides will produce a second flush before the autumn weather sets in!

The sweet William herbicide trial is showing slow progress with little signs of either weeds or crop.  The trial has now been irrigated in order to try and speed things up a bit!!