Week 36 (2016) update

The late sowing of grasses (direct seeded in week 28) are now coming into harvest and although some are shorter that the early sowing, most will make marketable stems.  It would appear as if sequential sowing will be required to produce a continuity of supply and this is an issue that will be investigated further in 2017.

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The small trial of Daucus carota “Dara” has generated a lot of interest and will also be expanded next year to include other cultivars.

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The hydroponics trial at J A Collison and Son continues to produce interesting results.  The first planting of stocks in tulip pin trays filled with expanded clay pellets showed that the water needs to drain away completely from the tray for the crop to grow successfully (see second tray back in the  left hand photo below) whereas leaving a few cms of water in the bottom of the tray is disastrous to the plants (see front tray of left hand photo and right hand photo).

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The photos above were taken in week 31 and the trays were then replanted with Anytime in week 32.  All of the trays were modified to ensure that the water fully drained away leaving just moist clay pellets.  This new planting is now growing away well (see photos below).

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As previously reported, the first round of stocks flowered in week 23 and in order to try and have the second flush in flower for the Open Day we delayed planting until week 26.  Unfortunately the hot weather meant that not all of the varieties have flowered and as is the case in some local commercial crops the plant quality has deteriorated before they are likely to flower (see left hand photo).   However, a third planting of Anytime which was made in week 32 (which is when the second planting should have flowered if we had planted in week 23) is growing away well (see right hand photo).

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