Week 36 and 37 (2017) Update

As would be expected things are now slowing down at the CFC with many of the trials coming to an end.  The final planting of grasses has now been harvested (left hand photo) and the last flush of Gomphrena was harvested in week 37 (see right hand photo).

The first planting of lilies in the alterative growing media trial was finally ready to harvest in week 37 (which incidentally was 5 weeks later than the same  planting in the glasshouse of the nursery that supplied me with the bulbs) and assessments were made of the length and weight of the stems from each treatment.

The second planting has now been moved into a warm glasshouse to bring the crop on quicker to avoid the issue that we had last year with early frost damage.

The Fusarium continues to develop well in the Haygrove tunnel although as would be expected there are obvious differences in varietal susceptibility. The usual suspects such as Centum blue are very badly affected (see left hand photo) whereas others such as Anytime Rose (see right hand photo) are showing less symptoms (although all varieties have infection to some degree!)

At this stage neither the Lisianthus or brassica are showing any signs of infection (as would be expected with the very species specific nature of the disease)

And finally for this post, the new green trachelium (Briba green) is developing well and should be ready to crop in the next week or two.