Week 36 & 37 (2019) Update

The trials are now gradually coming to an end this year with just a few still ongoing.

The Scabious that was cut down a few weeks ago has now regrown and producing a reinvigorated flush of flowers.  The half of each bed that was not cut down is also still producing flowers but the stems are not as strong as those that were cut down.

The last planting of Lepidium is now in ready to harvest (see left hand photo) and this planting has not been grown through nets because the nets used in the first planting made harvesting much more difficult and time consuming.  This years planting of Ascelepias “Apollo Orange” is now in full flower (see centre photo) and vase life tests are being undertaken.  Yet another batch of flowers have been used by Jonathan Moseley (see right hand photo) to promote UK growers, this time at the Harrogate Autumn Flower Show.