Week 37 and 38 (2016) Update

As would be expected things are now slowing right down at the CFC and many of the trials are complete.  However we are still harvesting a few lines such as alstro, scabious, cleome, gomphrena, grasses and delphinium.

The outdoor aster herbicide trial is now complete (see photos below) and 12 stems from each plot have been harvested and the stem weight plus length measured.  The statistical analysis of each treatment will be available in due course.

website2016-0415 website2016-0416

The small plots of Caryopteris are now in flower with the blue form producing some strong stems with good market potential (see left hand photo below) whereas the “blush” has produced disappointingly short stems (see right hand photo).

website2016-0414 website2016-0413