Week 37 and 38 Update

The ornamental brassica have produced a good length and are starting to colour up.  Providing they produce a bit more heart they should be marketable within a couple of weeks.

website-128website-125 website-126 website-127

The last of  the Trachelium has been harvested ie the pinched half of the week 24 planting.  This produced some good strong stems but they were a bit on the short side averaging around 55 to 58 cms.

website-130 website-129

Most of the other trials have either now finished or are winding down.   Some of the later plantings of the seed raised fillers are yet to flower but the success of these will depend on if we still get any decent weather in the next few weeks.  And as always the alstroemeria continues to flush although some of the stems are now starting to get a bit on the thin side.