Week 39 and week 40 update

Most of the trials are now coming to an end and the site is being slowly tidied up.  As the tunnels become empty they will be sterilised with Basamid and left sheeted down over winter.  The outdoor direst seeded crops have now been cut down and the only things still cropping are the foliage and alstroemeria.

The protected sowing of week 27 bupluerum has started to crop but  owing to the warm September the foliage is very soft and some leaf scorch and tipping has occurred.  The only crops that have not yet been harvested are the week 30 sowing of bupleurum, cosmos, Ammi and Ridolfia.

In the perennial tunnel the second flush of aster ericoides is growing well, the alstroemeria are still cropping and the third flush of delphinium is starting to throw some buds.  To date the scourge of powdery mildew has been kept at bay!