Week 40 and 41 update

The brassica have now fully coloured up and some of the new varieties are showing real promise.  The first sample were harvested in week 41 and as usual we owe a real debt of gratitude to Sue Lamb for her enthusiasm in sending samples far and wide!

website-136 website-133

The last sowing of the seed raised fillers are now starting to come into crop with the Dill now ready and the Carthamus not far behind.  The jury is still out on the week 32 sowing of Bupluerum and it may not make it before we have to uncover the tunnels.

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The Alstro are still cropping profusely and while the second flush of trachelium (from the week 17 planting) has grown well, it looks unlikely that it will produce a long enough stem to be marketable!